“These are some of the scholarly articles I wrote when I was an
  art history professor at Northern Illinois University.”
Although all but the first of the articles listed below are about sixteenth-century Flemish illuminated manuscripts, they might be of interest to non-specialists because the artist they discuss, Simon Bening, was “the Michelangelo of miniaturists.” He was a contemporary of the great Italian artist and the producer of extraordinarily beautiful miniatures. The first article is about Michelangelo, and how certain of his poems and drawings gave him a socially acceptable outlet for expressing his erotic impulses toward men. Some of these articles are available on academic data bases; others can be found in the Periodicals departments of university libraries.

For more than 20 years, I have also written, and continue to write, articles about Italy-- travel articles, articles about the Italian Renaissance an book reviews on Italian topics-- for Fra Noi, the monthly magazine of the greater Chicago area Italian American community. Some are archived on-line. Fra Noi is also available by subscription in an on-line version.



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“The Beatty Rosarium Reconstructed: A Manuscript with Excised Miniatures by Simon Bening,” Oud Holland
“A Note on the Relationship of Manuscript Illumination and Panel Painting: Simon Bening’s Beatty Rosarium and the Diptych of Chrétien de Hondt,” Jaarboek van het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen
“The Stockholm-Kassel Book of Hours: A Reintegrated Manuscript from the Shop of Simon Bening,” Acta Bibliothecae Regiae Stockholmiensis
“The Book of Hours of Cardinal Norfolk at Arundel Castle: An Unpublished Masterwork by Simon Bening,” The Burlington Magazine
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